In this tutorial we will show how to setup a push-enabled application.

The entire procedure can be splitted in two main steps :



- Creating and configuring the Apple Push Notification Service certificates

- Generating and uploading the Push Notification Private Key to the ArenaDaemon dashboard website.




Creating and configuring

the Apple Push Notification Service certificates


The very first step to perform in order to make the notification service working,

is to create and configure the APNs certificates for the application

through the Apple Developer Console.


Once logged in, enter the 'Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles' / 'Certificates' section for iOS.



Create a new certificate by clicking on the + icon in the top right corner.



You will need to create both certificates for DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION environment but,

because the process is exactly the same, in this tutorial we will show only the steps for creating 

the Apple Push Notification service certificate for the DEVELOPMENT environment :





In order to generate the Apple Push Notification service certificate

for the PRODUCTION environment, repeat the following steps choosing

the 'Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)' option

under 'Production' section :







Select Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox) option under 'Development' section


And then click 'Continue'.



In the next screen, select the App ID associated with your application and for which you want

to enable push notifications and click 'Continue' :



Click Continue in the next two screens and now, It's time to create the CSR file!



On your Mac, launch Keychain access and select

'Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority' from 'Certificate Assistant' menu item :





Now fill up the form with your info and select 'Save to disk' option :


Save the generated .certSigningRequest (CSR) file somewhere on your Mac,

back to the Apple Developer website, select the locally saved CSR by clicking 'Choose file...'

and then click 'Generate' button.


Good news! the Apple Push Notification service certificate has been successfully created!

(and we are almost done with the setup)




Once downloaded the certificate, double-click it in order to add it to your Keychain Access.

if everything went right, you should see the new certificate in 'My Certificates' section :






Generating and uploading the Push Notification Private Key

to the ArenaDaemon dashboard website.


Expand the certificate row in order to show its private key and then simply select both.

Once done, right-click the selection and choose 'Export 2 items...'



Set your preferred file name but be sure to not set any password by leaving

the password fields blank in the following form:



For completing the export, you will need to enter your Mac OS administrative password.


The last step needed for the setup, is to upload the exported p12 file to the ArenaDaemon website.


To accomplish that, just navigate to dashboard/manage apps section, choose the targeted application

and select the 'Push' item from the left side menu:




Now, choose and upload the p12 file by clicking 'Choose file' under 'iOS' section.

Once the upload will complete, the system will automatically detect the certificate's environment,

expiration date and associated bundle id.


If everything will work as expected, you should see something like the following picture:





You now have everything needed to start with the ArenaDaemon's push notification service.


Now you can jump to the sample project to compile and run your first push-enabled

ArenaDaemon's application.