The appKey is a specific string that identifies an application within the Arena Daemon platform.


Everytime the developer registers a new application, the platform generates a unique appKey

in order to correctly initialize the BDArenaConnector object within the mobile application project.


For registering a new application, the developer firstly needs to have a valid account for accessing

the Arena Daemon website.

If the developer did not create an account yet, he can do it by clicking the sign up button present 

in the home page of the Arena Daemon website:




Once the account has been created, the developer can enter the Manage Apps section present

into the Dashboard:




By clicking the Create New App button, a popup will show up.





Once the developer has filled the required fields, the new application will be created and

the associated appKey is provided by the platform:





The developer now owns the appKey string that uniquely identifies the brand new application

and he can use this appKey for enabling all the Arena Daemon features within his

mobile application project.